Birds Without a Feather

The songs of birds startled me from my sleep last week.  It seems they arrived with the sudden warm weather.  Though at first I was grumpy at the early Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 11.41.12 AMhour,  I do love that sound.  A little later that same morning, as I entered my office, I passed by these two beautiful birds, as I do every day, and knew it was time for me to share them with my clients.

These sweet works of art are the creation of Jim and Tori Mullan.  Jim grew up in Southern California and always had an interest in art and history.  He collected vintage toys and objects and used them to create jewelry and natural sculptures.  Tori was the daughter of a jeweler and watch collector.  She often worked with her father where she gained an interest in the intricate interior mechanics of time pieces.  She used these gears and wheels to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. Luckily, these two love birds met in 1985 at an art show and have since combined their talents to create whimsical, charming works of art.

Mullanium Bird


Though each piece is unique, they all share a similar feeling of warmth and romance.  Looking at them, I swear each one has a story to tell of things long ago, as if it were born antique.  It was difficult for me to decide which little birds I wanted from the Mullanium collection.  I encourage you to look at their website and see  which one sings for you.  Since meeting these artisans at High Point, I have facilitated purchases for several of my clients already.  They find they like to place their birds in locations where they can see them often.  In this way, they can enjoy the birds whatever the season.


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