Christmas in Paris!

My family and I celebrated the holiday season, and Spenser’s graduation, in Paris.  We stayed in an apartment in the 16th Arrondissement which allowed us to day-trip to the places we love.  After busy days touring the sights of this beautiful city, we chose to spend some of the evenings preparing homemade, French-inspired meals, completing puzzles of the Tour Eiffel, or watching movies shot in Paris.  In this way, we kept the holiday spirit by focusing on being together.


I realize most ornaments, lights and decorations have been neatly tucked away in storage.  My point in this belated holiday cheer is to help you prepare for Christmas 2015!   The holiday décor in Paris and London was amazing.  Everything was clean, crisp and generally monochromatic.  One large tree was all silver with just a minimal use of red at the top.  Another would be trimmed all in gold, with no accent color.    All lights were white.  In our own homes, we should work towards these simple, singular color-schemes before the next holiday season, buying now while things are on sale.


I suggest using ornaments, lights, and trims of one color, and perhaps accenting with a few pieces of another color.  I would be happy to make suggestions or assist with finding items that would work for you.  I would be thrilled to bring some of The City of Lights to your home for the holidays next year.